How do you do that? Well if you don’t know now you know! We’re obsessed with inventing novel solutions for projects, reaching for in-camera techniques where possible. Bet when you came here you didn’t expect to see tomato puppettiers.

FS8Brand Launch

Epic music video vibes created through a combination of…

468 panel circular array of LED screens    +   8k resolution    +   motion design lighting    +  trusty mobility scooter   +   full CG previs    +   that guy who punched a shark

Feel the flow over here.

KmartSleight of Hand

While we use loads of different techniques to make magic on the regular, this Kmart commercial is particularly trickery-fuelled. Tricks include…

Puppeteered props (strings & sticks & slidey things)  +  sleight of hand match-cuts  +  10mm ultra wide lens  +  humans on a circular dolly  +  CG set extensions  +  full 3D previs  +  CG look development  +  an entire commercial test shoot

Magically appear at the finished project by clicking here.

PerinoThe Snack Pack

A hand puppeteered adventure, executed in the most low-fi, playful way imaginable using…

Tomatoes (vegetable or fruit?)  +  miniature characters  +  sticks and string  +  3 x hipster puppeteers  +  mischievous adventures

Snack on the finished project here.

Lost & Found

A stop-motion labor of love that tugs at the heart strings using…

Frame by frame animation   +   custom built motion-controlled robots   +   cute crochet characters   +   acetate sacks of stop motion water (less gross than it sounds)   +   four year production.

Bring a box of tissue and watch the completed project here.

Les Norton

Giving vintage poster realness with a smorgasbord of techniques. Viz…

Archival footage of Sydney  Two-tone design   +   16mm film grain scans   +  a lot of texture layers   2D animation    +   traditional cell animation    +   3D animation

Head to Kings Cross and see titles here.